ATS (applicant tracking systems)

Recruiters use software during the recruitment process, applicant tracking systems (ATS, for short) helps recruiters sift through applicants to find the best fit for the position.By knowing how ATS work, make sure your CV is not one of the 75% of CVs which never reaches the recruiters eyes.

ATS - How do they work?

Applicant tracking systems dissects a CV and splits it into categories, it then scans the categories for keywords, and these keywords are specific to the job advertised. Essentially the ATS weeds out applicants which it views as unqualified for the job, this saves the recruiter time reading through hundreds of CVs, and they can view the CVs that match the job description best. Unfortunately this means that if your CV is not written and formatted to suit ATS, you may not be seen by recruiters. 

Write a CV which is ATS friendly.

  • Use a word document for your CV is sending to a recruiter, many ATS cannot read files such as PDFs

  • Don’t use headers and footer when writing your CV, information stored in headers and footers will often be missed by ATS.

  • Use ‘KEYWORDS’ when writing your CV, keywords describe your soft and hard skills and highlight the experience and expertise you have gained.

Choosing your keywords

Collect some sample adverts for the type of job you intend to apply for, you can then use a word cloud generator (such as Wordclouds) to identify terms that are frequently used in the type of position you desire. You can then incorporate these terms into your CV.

Now write your CV

Your CV should contain:

  • An introduction – a brief description of who you are and what you can offer.

  • An area for key skills – core competencies and areas of expertise.

  • Your work history, usually start with your current position, the previous 10 years is usually the most important time, in most cases a CV should only be 2 pages so do not waste space with work history that may be outdated.

  • Your education and any job related course and qualifications you have.

  • Any other information that may be relevant to your applications such as membership of professional bodies, hobbies, charity work etc.

Make sure you include your keywords throughout the CV, use a keyword on average around 3 times if possible, be careful they are relevant and do not look liked they are placed  to cheat the ATS, it may not read well when seen by recruiters.

What MyCurriculumVitea.Online can do for you

Our experienced CV writers will write your CV with relevant keywords which we have researched, you are welcome to forward job adverts when completing your online questionnaire, and if you do we can use these adverts to help select your keywords.
We will build a comprehensive online CV to showcase your skills, this can be updated easily by yourself or we are happy to update it for you, as part of your online CV you will also receive a professional paper CV which can be downloaded from your webpage, sent to recruiters and uploaded to job sites such as Indeed and Monster.