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Create your own unique domain based
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Option to have your own your own domain with email address or password protected page, a traditional CV file to download and print is included BUY NOW
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We build online profiles including keyword optimized curriculum vitae

  • Having an online profile is becoming increasingly important, whether its a traditional CV display as a webpage or an online profile for consultants and self employed people, we can help.
  • We can create your online profile for you, we design professional CVs which include a downloadable CV for recruiters to peruse, or a portfolio for consultants and the self employed, we will create the perfect profile.
  • Highlight examples of your work with relevant images, client/customer testimonials can be included.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a well designed polished profile, your own website can give employers worldwide the chance to interact with you.
  • You can personalize your website with images and examples to really stand out.
  • Easy to update, once we have built your website we will show you how to quickly and easily update it, you never need to re-write it. 
  • All packages include a domain name a free hosting for the first year, renewals are £24 per year.
  • Promote your profile on social media, continually polish and update your profile. 

we will build your personal profile

From just £119.99 we will create your online profile or CV, Our CVs include a traditional CV which recruiters can upload. All our CVs and profiles come with a FREE  domain (example or and free hosting for the first year, renewals are £24 per annum there after, your profile can be password protected if required so you control who has access to your profile, if you already own a domain, don’t worry! We can use it to host your profile,  you have full access the control panel to update your profile at your leisure or we can minor adjustments for you at no charge.

View our themes

Our designs are fully customizable, if you want a personal call to discuss your requirements please get in touch or let us know on the questionnaire which is emailed to you when you purchase, we will then get in touch with you to discuss your personal requirements. 

hosting options

We offer 3 types of hosting, choose the option which best suits your needs. Hosting is included when you purchase your profile for the first year, and £24 per annum thereafter.

  1. Unique Website – Choose your own domain, this will give you a stand-alone website which you can market, this option is ideal for self-employed people, you can market your website, you also have your own personal email address (free) and the option of adding a blog and/or embedded social media page (£50 additional charge), this will help showcase your work keeping it up to date. You can choose to host the site on your own server or we can host the site for you. (Domain not included in hosting price, usual price for a domain is £12 per annum)
  2. Page on our website – Add a page to our website, you can forward a link to your page to potential employers and recruitment agencies who can quickly view your CV on any device, we can block search engines from indexing your page if required, meaning it is unlikely the page will be found unless following your link, meaning current employers are unlikely to find your page.
  3. Members only area – Add a page to our website which can only be opening with a password, you can send a link for someone to view you site but they will require a pin to view the page, this gives you full control as to who can view your site.

View demonstration pages

You can have your profile built in any colour combination, we have built a range of template for with different colour schemes but feel free to alter the colour scheme, simply let us know what colours you would like us to use in the additional information panel in the CV questionnaire

Layed out in a similar to a traditional paper CV, this is ideal for anyone who is looking to actively find a new job, this template is password protected and you will need to enter 1234 when prompted to view.

An example of a page which could be used as a personal trainer, this template has a homepage, blog and social media and features an embedded video to help actively promote your skills to potential clients.

This template is presented as o profile for a self employed consultant, as such it is not password protected, however it could easily be adapted to work as a traditional CV. No header bar as a single page. Image required for header is full width.

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