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Job Hunting for the Over 50s

Over 50s Job Seeker

The UK has a labour shortage and needs the over 50s to get back to work..

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt promised that for anyone looking to get back to work, the government would make it worth their while.

Focus on ability, not age

Unfortunately ageism is still a problem, says James Reed, chief executive of recruitment firm Reed.

"Despite legislation to prevent age discrimination, older jobseekers can still face bias," he admits.

He suggests shifting the focus away from your age and onto your ability wherever you can.

  1. Emphasize your experience: One of the advantages of being over 50 is that you likely have a wealth of experience in your field. Make sure to emphasize this experience on your resume and in your interviews, and highlight how it makes you uniquely qualified for the job.
  2. Update your skills: While experience is valuable, it's also important to stay current with the latest skills and technologies in your field. Take courses, attend workshops or conferences, and pursue any relevant certifications

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